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Coolest Homemade Hippie in a VW Bus Halloween Costume

The back and sides of the bus are cut from foam core—two rounded shapes for the sides, and rectangles for the front and back. All are fastened into a box-like shape with clear packing tape. The wheels are black foam core, as are the bumpers, with small pieces jutting out from the “frame” to give the bumpers dimension.

We drew windows, curtains, VW logos and accessories with marker.

We glued on construction paper flowers, peace signs and license plates. In the “back window” are beads hung on strings and threaded through the foam core.

On the inside of the bus, two straps criss-cross like overalls so you can walk around with the bus attached. We also duct-taped small rope handles inside.

The headlights are tap lights ($5, battery operated), attached with their own adhesive. We attached iPod speakers ($10) with packing tape and hooked up the iPod so we can blast hippie music while trick or treating.

This homemade Hippie in a VW Bus Halloween costume was a really fun costume with lots of reactions to the lights and music from fellow trick-or-treaters. Next time, I would figure out a way to cut arm holes directly into the bus (being sure it is exactly the right width), which would help the bus ride up higher on the person and make it more maneuverable. It would be great to add some sort of candy bag inside the bus, too.

Front of the Bus with Headlights and Speakers

Back Window with Hippie Beads

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