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Horse and Rider Costume: Biker Girl on a Harley Horse

Every year our horse club has a Halloween contest where horse and rider can dress up. It is the Mid Rivers Saddle Club and all the shows are held at the National Equestrian Center in Lake St Louis Missouri.  We have done this now for the 3 years we have shown horses and have been told that our costumes are the best, mostly our horse Rango is the best.

Not many horses will let you put contraptions on them but again we are so fortunate to have this wonderful animal as part of our family. Previous year he was a spider so we knew we had to top that, brainstormed for almost a year to figure out everything we would need to pull this costume off.  We used PVC pipe painted with chrome colored paint for the frame, swim noodles painted black for tires, and chrome painted noodles for shocks. Shoe boxes cut and taped then painted for the headers and gas tank , packing foam covered with leather fabric for the passenger seat, didn’t want to use a normal bike emblem so used a horseshoe on the seat for our one horse powered bike-we had  lights they sell to put in your pumpkins for headlight and tail lights.

The hardest part was just keeping things together and him not stepping or tripping over anything, has to be safe for both the rider and your horse as well as not spooking the other horses that you are competing against. I think the funniest part was the reaction from others…. they were not sure what we would do this year to top or previous costumes, and they were pretty impressed as well as amazed at how great a horse Rango really is.  Judges gave us a unanimous 1s place ribbon decision and tons of people wanted to pose with our bike and rider for photos.


Horse and Rider Costume: Biker Girl on a Harley Horse

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