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Coolest Homemade Hippie in a Love Bug Car Wheelchair Costume

Years ago we read a suggestion in Exceptional Parent magazine to incorporate the wheelchair into the Halloween costume. We’ve had lots of fun doing just that and made this Hippie in a Love Bug Car Wheelchair Costume!

My husband cut the car out of large cardboard boxes and attached them to the wheelchair using string loops. We covered the cardboard with bright yellow plastic tablecloths and decorated them with black construction paper peace symbols we had cut out and tie-dye tropical flowers we got from a party store. The wheels were cut out of cardboard, colored black with markers, decorated with a flower and attached to the card with brads so they could rotate if desired.

The box easily folded flat for transporting when not around the wheelchair. We attached string loops to the inside of the box for hanging the box from the wheelchair. The loops in the back were adjustable to be able to adjust the height/level of the box. A small piece of 1×1 can be used the inside edge of the box to add stability if the long side is bowing too much.

Sarah and her nurse tie-dyed her shirt and decorated an old pair of jeans. She even tie-dyed a shirt for Mom to wear too! Sarah had great fun with both projects. She also wore a plastic peace symbol necklace, a bead headband and round sunglasses.

(Side note: We found a pair of jeans key chain that we decorated the same as the Halloween costume jeans and gave it to Sarah as her Christmas ornament that year! We always try to find an ornament each year that significant to something that has happened during the year.)

The Love Bug car was recycled and redecorated the following Halloween as a circus clown car!

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  1. this is fantastic. i dabble in fancy dress costumes from home, & i feel ashamed that i had never thought of the needs of others that are not as ambulant as the rest of us. this is a great inspiration for me. cheers


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