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Coolest Homemade Hippie Baby Costume

I consider myself a pretty crafty person and have just recently really taken to sewing. I decided to attempt to make costumes for my kids this year. I have 3 kids and they’re all dressing up as different types of hippies. The older two turned out ok, they’re more of the nature, free spirited hippies, with earth toned colors but don’t even begin to compare to the baby!

Emelia, who I decided to enter in the contest, is dressed up as a real flower child! I looked online for inspiration but didn’t have any patterns, I just went with my ideas and really loved her Homemade Hippie Baby Costume! Emelia doesn’t have much hair yet so I took one of her baby beanies and glued doll hair to it until it was a great afro, as you can see, it really does make the costume!

I made the bright colored vest out of a bandana from Joann fabrics and the pants were from a remnant of fabric also found at Joann’s! Who would have thought with a cute baby and some creativity you’d get so many comments, compliments and laughs! I hope you all enjoy her costume as much as we do around here, it’ll be sad once Halloween’s over and it goes in the closet as a memory of baby’s first Halloween!

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