It was my eight month old daughter’s (my 1st child) first Halloween and I could not figure out what to buy.

I racked my brain for two entire months looking online, going to different stores and more. My husband just let me be since I was momma on a mission to find the best outfit for my daughter. I had so many ideas in my head that I had to write them down. Many of the costumes that were on my sheet of paper were cupcake, tator tot, pumpkin, Monsters Inc., etc. My head was just going on and on because I wanted to add to the costumes.

I texted my five sisters back and forth on which costumes were the best and they made me choose. My sisters cracked jokes at me, but were also supportive as they remembered doing the same with their kids.

One day my little sister surprised me with black wings for the baby and it hit me; make my daughter a nerd costume with wings. She’s my little angel, and she loves to read books. ‘Baby Nerd with Wings’.

I received so many comments from my family, friends and even people whom I did not know. My friend’s friends were responding to as well. I felt like a proud 1st time mom who had done well. I wanted to capture the right outfit and right moments as I would never get another 1st time Halloween with my daughter.