This year William Joel had machine fabricating friends create the coolest 3-wheeler adaption to his small Quickie wheelchair.

What started out to be a simple build, was to put the front end of a bicycle on William’s pediatric wheel-chair. As we all know, what usually happens in creating such a build is the desire to make it more “old school style” and work with what parts you can find.

We picked up a ten-speed out of the dumpster, cut it in half and bolted it to the chair. We didn’t like the look and decided to turn the forks over and build a clip on the frame. Then we went with the original wheel from the bike. The handle bars came from a minibike, we cut 4 inches off each side of the bars and then painted the new front end to match the blue wheelchair.

We thought it was done but decided that it wasn’t. We added handle bar grips & mini mirrors. Then came the problems with the headlight. After many nights of no sleep, we come up with a plastic lit-up skull. A single one didn’t look right so we added another one and we welded brackets for the skulls to be mounted on.

We also added a painted piece of plexi-glass to the middle of the bicycle frame and then came up with the name “Haunted Davidson”. Thanks to friends Gary Scruggs and Eddie Thorne for contributing their creativity, experience, & time on this insane build.

The front wheel is easily detachable & the wheelchair is not compromised at all. Although this 3-wheeled creation is undoubtedly the coolest, the 5 year old operator, William Joel, is by far even cooler & a very Happy Halloween was had by all!!!