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300+ Coolest Homemade Commercial Character Costumes

The advertising industry has gotten their hooks into us with memorable commercials and jingles that get stuck in our head. Commercials take on a life of their own and have become a real part of our pop culture. To that end, we bring you this awesome collection of homemade commercial character costumes.

Does the thought of dressing up as the Kool Aid man make you smile? Wait until you see the people who have done it here. Have a special spot for the Geico money man? He’s here too! The Energizer Bunny also hops through these pages as do some dark versions of Ronald McDonald.

It’s amazing how much affection we have for these iconic characters who hang out in the background of our television shows. It really comes through when looking at these DIY costumes. So check out these awesome homemade commercial character costumes. As Tony the Tiger says, “They’re grrrreat!”

Latest Commercial Character Costumes

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Kia Soul Hamsters Group Halloween Costume

Kia Soul Hamsters Group Halloween Costume

This halloween three of my very good friends of mine decided that we would dress up as the Kia Soul and the three hamsters. We were inspired by the very popular Kia Soul commercials that we have grown to love over time from seeing them on tv so often. They are hilarious. These costumes are homemade, they did not cost too much to make, but they certainly took a lot of time and effort. Read more »

Original Last Minute Ernie Keebler Costume for a Woman

Original Last Minute Ernie Keebler Costume for a Woman

Living in a foreign country has always proved to be a bit challenging. It takes much more effort to find what you need to produce a costume then going to your local thrift shop or craft store. Supplies are limited, and finding things that fit you is even more difficult, not to mention the hours you work and the hours business operate never seem to be in your favor. I always want to do something really cool, but then before I know it, Halloween is at the end of the week, I have not been able to find what I want and I am stuck scrambling for an outfit that is awesome, original, and makes people say something. Read more »