Coolest Homemade Captain Crunch Halloween Costume for a Woman

Coolest Homemade Captain Crunch Halloween Costume for a Woman

I decided to be Captain Crunch for Halloween, it took a lot of work but was well worth it! I found the jacket at a thrift store, bought blue, yellow and white foam for the hat, had cardboard and a beanie hat at home already, then bought tassles for the shoulders pads and pockets. 1) … Read more

Realistic Cap’n Crunch Homemade Halloween Costume

Realistic Cap'n Crunch Homemade Halloween Costume

I had a hard time picking a costume this year, but once I settled on Cap’n Crunch, I knew I had my work cut out for me.  It took about a week to finish, but it was definitely worth it. Here’s everything I used for this costume: 1 blue fleece blazer, women’s size 12 1 … Read more

Homemade Captain Crunch Halloween Costume

Homemade Captain Crunch Halloween Costume

My wife decided that I needed an epic costume this year. We were celebrating our 20th anniversary, and we needed special costumes for our annual Halloween dinner party. She had her idea almost immediately, but I took a little longer to choose mine. I searched the internet high and low, and finally found an idea … Read more

Coolest Cap’n Crunch Costume

After looking at this site for potential Cap’n Crunch costumes I noticed people had good ideas but no one really nailed it. I came up with my own way of making this costume for literally under 30 bucks and No Sewing Needed! The Hat: Bought (4) 9×12 blue foam craft sheets. Made a hat pattern … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cap’n Crunch Costume

Homemade Cap'n Crunch Costume

So this Cap’n Crunch Costume was my 2007 Halloween costume and I was in my senior year of HS. I made the hat out of 2 pieces of 1″ foam that were shaped like the hat and then a piece that was connected the two that ran the perimeter of the pieces. The foam was … Read more

Coolest Homemade Captain Crunch Halloween Costume

Homemade Captain Crunch Halloween Costume

I haven’y the slightest clue on what made me decide to become the captain himself for Halloween, but I did and made my own Homemade Captain Crunch Halloween Costume! The hat was made out of cardboard, a ton of hot glue and blue material that I got from the fabric store. The eyebrows were made … Read more

Coolest Captain Crunch Costume

Homemade Captain Crunch Costume

I thought of this Captain Crunch costume while walking through the grocery store, trying to come up with an original costume idea. I had never seen someone dress as Cap’n Crunch so I thought it would be fun. I got a lot of compliments on the costume, people loved it! With just a little sewing, … Read more

Coolest Miss Captain Crunch Halloween Costume

Homemade Miss Captain Crunch Halloween Costume

I always have a hard time thinking of a good costume idea because every idea I think of is a boy character. So this year, I decided to forget about gender and to revamp Captain Crunch as a woman! The best part of my costume was the hat! This hat is made from foam covered … Read more

Coolest Homemade Capn Crunch Costume

Homemade Capn Crunch Costume

This is an easy made Capn Crunch costume… for the shoes I didn’t really get into it with detail (any shoes would work). For the socks I bought some blue soccer socks debating on what color blue I was going to match them with. For the pants I bought some all white classic baseball pants … Read more

Coolest Cap’n Crunch DIY Costume

Homemade Cap'n Crunch Costume

I don’t like store bought costumes for the sole reason of them all being slutty… plus I want to be warm and comfy. Here’s how I made this homemade Cap’n Crunch costume – Hat: Hardest part… b/c I really didn’t know what to do or how it would turn out. So, I cut out 2 … Read more

Homemade Cap’n Crunch Costume

Homemade Cap'n Crunch Costume

Here is my Cap’n Crunch Costume. I started with heading out to the local thrift shop and bought some old white tuxedo pants, as well as this shiny blue female’s jacket. I popped the collar and added some felt buttons and trimmings. I used two beer coozies for the large cuff links. I bought two … Read more

Coolest Cereal Box Prize Costume

Cereal Box Prize Costume

It all started with a cardboard shipping box from Wal-Mart. When I couldn’t think of anything cute and looking at the prices of this year’s Halloween costumes, I decided to go ahead and make my son a prize inside a box of Captain Crunch to save money. The drawing out was done after laying a … Read more