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Coolest Homemade Cap’n Crunch Costume

So this Cap’n Crunch Costume was my 2007 Halloween costume and I was in my senior year of HS. I made the hat out of 2 pieces of 1″ foam that were shaped like the hat and then a piece that was connected the two that ran the perimeter of the pieces. The foam was then covered with a blue fabric using hot glue.

The shirt was made from the same fabric but it was too flimsy for my liking so I backed it with a iron on stiffener. I made the shirt by hand, only basing it off of a jacket. The front end of the collar Velcrod out of the shirt and was connected in the back and then the top right seam of the shoulder unbuttoned and I was able to slide it off.

I made the epaulets out of cardboard, fabric, cotton, and upholstery edging. The buttons were buttons that you put the fabric on it and then lock the fabric onto it. The pants were just white slacks and I just wore black socks and black slip on sneakers (I wasn’t going to go spend money on boots). And the mustache was a fur fabric that I had used from my previous 1960’s Penguin that I attached with a sticky adhesive from an ATG gun.
http://www.chops.ca/images/3m/ATG%20GUN.jpg .

If I could redo this costume I would try and find a jacket that worked and wouldn’t be such a perfectionist and something that I always regret after making my costumes is taking more pictures.

Oh, and everyone loved my costume and surprisingly there was a girl dressed up as the Cap’n too, but no where near as good as Adrienne’s. I would have one the costume contest but someone had to go and make an Optimus Prime costume that actually transformed, but I have to give him credit, it was pretty good.

(In the pic is my sister as Raggedy Ann (which was bought), but at least she dressed up and me).

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8 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Cap’n Crunch Costume”

  1. The jacket was perfect, did u use a blazer? sweatshirt or long sleeve t-shirt. It looks like you added the collars from the foam and fabric plus where can you find the material for the hat.I think it’s the hardest piece to make. There’s a costume like yours running for 300$. I’m going to use your idea. Can u give me some feed back on where to find the the materials.

  2. Your idea was very useful for my liking..i used 1″ sponge material and cut it out to the shape of the hat and wrapped it wit navy blue.. Bcuz my blazer was already navy blue. Wore baseball pants and used the same material from the hat to make the collar….. Wore navy blue soccer socks to make me look more like a pirate.T hanks for the idea!

  3. I’m working on a music video and we need a Captain Crunch costume. The hat is proving to be a near impossibility. We are in NYC and would love some assistance/help/directions on how to make/rent this costume. Please let me know if there’s a way to contact the people who did this. Please contact me!

  4. Sorry if anyone was hoping i would answer back earlier, I haven’t been on here in awhile. I noticed i spelled won wrong…oops. Anyways, to answer Buddy’s questions, I didn’t use a jacket, i only based the pattern for my costumes home made jacket off of a suit jacket. I got the upholstery foam from a place called FABRICLAND. the foam and fabric could be found at such places like Jo-Ann’s, Michael’s (probably not), RagShop (if there is one still open), and any other place fabric is sold. And to Jim Terranova, I posted a wall post on your band’s facebook page. Let me know. And you gained a new fan.
    -Erik Sheehan
    *Cap’n Crunch
    *Mr. Peanut
    *Mermaid Man (and Barnacle Boy)
    *Count Von Count
    *Jimmy Dipsticker (from SuperBowl commercial)
    *The Penguin
    *Pauly Walnuts (Sopranos)
    *Mario (and Luigi)
    *Buzz Lightyear (and Woody) ((NOTE:this is for this 2010))


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