Coolest Cap’n Crunch Costume

After looking at this site for potential Cap’n Crunch costumes I noticed people had good ideas but no one really nailed it. I came up with my own way of making this costume for literally under 30 bucks and No Sewing Needed!

The Hat:

Bought (4) 9×12 blue foam craft sheets. Made a hat pattern glued it together with foam glue sold next to the foam sheets.

Foam Sheets cost like 1 dollar a piece and glue was like 2 bucks.

For the “C” on the hat I bought gold sticky back foam sheet, also 1 dollar and white sticky felt sheet for the eye brows and mustache.

The Jacket:

This was the hard part to find something similar instead of trying to sew some fleece together and have a cheap crappy looking jacket. You wont find a jacket like this in the men’s dept. sorry. I looked in the women’s and found this blue blazer at Walmart for 8 bucks. I tried Google searching everything from chef coats, pea coats, smocks, lab coats, captains coat, blazers, etc. to find the perfect jacket for a reasonable price.

Again with gold sticky foam I made the buttons and epaulets. I bought some gold fringe at the craft store to glue onto the foam epaulets. Also bought some gold ribbon and with double sided hem tape I was able to stick the ribbon around the jacket’s cuffs.

The Pants:

Anything white will pretty much do. If your mom is a nurse like in my case you can use her white pants scrubs. I’m sure anything down to white sweat pants would look fine.

The Boots:

I had the boot covers from an old pirate costume I had or maybe it was the Santa costume, I forget. If you don’t have boot covers I think they are fairly cheap at costume shops if not I think some fisherman rubber boot type galoshes thing might be reasonably priced at a Walmart.

I think that covers the costume. I ‘m pretty good with Photoshop so I went a little over the top editing this photo so I apologize.

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