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Coolest Homemade McDonald’s Group Costume

This Homemade McDonald’s Group Costume idea took hours to put together, but was worth every second! We won numerous costume contests and had SOOO much fun! My sister and I love to come up with obscure costumes and decided to involve our husbands and friend this year too! The entire idea started with the “bobby” policeman hat we spotted at a costume shop.

Ronald – I could not find a pattern of a jumpsuit anywhere, so I improvised. I took a pair of scrubs, cut them apart at the seams and pinned them back together as a one piece jumper, using this as my pattern. The jumpsuit was cut and sewn with yellow broadcloth, I added a white collar and pockets. Also added were logos cut from fun foam sheets, attached with fabric glue. He wore red and white striped socks and shirt. The shoe covers, wig and makeup were all bought from a clown website.

Birdie – The overalls were made using a clown costume pattern (just cutting the legs short), cut and sewn with pink broadcloth. The logo and buttons were cut from fun foam and attached with fabric glue. I wore yellow tights, pink ribbons in my pigtails and aviator goggles that I found at above said costume shop. I cut a triangle shape from yellow felt, along with about 100 feather shapes. The feathers were glued to both sides of the triangle, then the triangle was sewn to the underarm and down the sides of a yellow thermal long sleeve shirt. I also cut two “shoe covers” from yellow felt and attached more of the feathers to them with fabric glue.

Grimace – This was actually the hardest costume to get right. I laid two BIG pieces of purple felt on the floor, my sister laid down on it and I cut out a gumdrop shape. It was sewn on the sides and top, with a large hem was sewn all around the bottom of the gumdrop. The mouth shape was cut out of the front piece of felt and a piece of black mesh sewn into the mouth-hole. (this was where the wearer would see out of).

Eyes and eyebrows were cut from fun foam sheets and attached with fabric glue. I made “mitten” shapes from the foam and sewed their bottoms to the costume at the appropriate spot. the tops of the hands were attached with a piece of thread. This allowed the hands to “wave” back and forth like Grimace’s do when he dances! A purple zipper was sewn across the “throat” of grimace so the wearer could get some air (and be passed a drink)!

A small pillow was sewn upright to a baseball cap that had the bill removed. The top of the pillow was then sewn into the top of Grimace’s head. This kept the mouth of Grimace at the same height as the wearer’s eyes. We made a hoop from 1/2 inch PVC and threaded it through the hem. Purple scrub pants were worn underneath and purple shoe covers were sewn from felt. This costume was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. When my sister danced in this, the whole party went wild!

Hamburgler – This costume is a store bought jailbird outfit and cape. A Zorro hat and mask, with a piece of yellow felt glued around the hat. I cut a HUGE red tie shape from red felt, put an elastic “neck band” on it and glued a hamburger clip art all over it! This obviously was the easy one.

Officer Big Mac – This was a major undertaking and worked out so well. The suit is just a navy suit jacket and pants purchased at a thrift store. I made a black belt from felt and added the buckle and logo cut from fun foam sheets. He wore paratrooper jump boots with his pants tucked in and just a black tee. The head was constructed with foam mostly. One piece of foam for the top bun with a pillow and stuffing added to the top, then covered in the bun colored fabric. The other buns and burger pieces were cut from foam in the shape of the letter “C” and covered in their respective colored fabric. Then all pieces were hand sewn and fabric glued together, adding fun foam cheese slices in between. A baseball cap, worn backwards, was sewn into the entire piece for easier wearing. A nose was cut from foam, covered with fabric and attached with fabric glue, along with fun foam eyes and the hat that started it all! Sesame seeds were just drawn on randomly with a brown Sharpie!

Lots of thought, time and money went into these creations. I really pushed my sewing skills to the limit this Halloween!

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  1. Hi my name is Jody I am a manager at a MC Donalds and want to do something with my crew that this summer at bay beach and have them dress up in MC Donald characters and was asking if you can help me out can ya e mail me and let me no how much it cost for all the costumes that would be great thank you soo much and cant wait to hear from you my email address is breebal2001@yahoo.com and thank you again :)


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