Our 100% Handmade McDonalds Family Costumes

The Happiest McDonalds Meal, Handmade

Dad as “The Large McDonalds Drink,” Mom as “The Happy Meal,” and Baby as “The Small Fry” This year, our family’s Halloween costume idea was inspired by our 20-month-old daughter’s newfound obsession with French fries. After she tried McDonald’s French fries for the first time, she couldn’t get enough of them, and they quickly became … Read more

The Best Wendy and Dave Couple Costume

The best Wendy and Dave!

We decided on this Wendy and Dave couple costume last minute while we were eating fast food. I have the dress from an old Dorothy costume from high school. I did get the tights and apron on the Internet. I literally put coat hangers in my hair and just spray painted it. For Dave, we … Read more

D.I.Y. McDonald’s Hamburglar Costume

D.I.Y. McDonald's Hamburglar Costume

This costume took me 4 days to create for a Halloween event at my job. The only two things that I bought brand new was the prison suit and wig. Everything else I borrowed or already had at home. The cape was created from used graduation gowns I bought from a thrift store. Overall costs … Read more

Coolest Homemade McDonald’s Group Costume

Homemade McDonald's Group Costume

This Homemade McDonald’s Group Costume idea took hours to put together, but was worth every second! We won numerous costume contests and had SOOO much fun! My sister and I love to come up with obscure costumes and decided to involve our husbands and friend this year too! The entire idea started with the “bobby” … Read more

Cool DIY Wendy’s Hamburger and Fries Pet and Owner Costume

Wendy's Hamburger and Fries

When your name is Wendy and you have natural red hair there is really only one costume option for you! I’ve been wanting to create this costume for a long time, but I needed the right accomplices. It all started when I saw the blue striped, puffy sleeve blouse for sale at The Gap. After … Read more

Taco Man and Baby Burrito Brother and Baby Costume

Taco Man and Baby Burrito

So this year we decided that we would make my 8yr old son be a typical taco Man. Using clothing from his closet, We took a regular pair of Levi’s, nice button up long sleeve shirt, cowboy boots, Apron and bandana. The hat we purchased from the local Mexican shop. We made sure to add … Read more

Cool DIY Fast Food Family Costume

Fast food family

So we decided hat this year we would have m and my kids all participant in a family costume. We wanted to be original nothing scary so we went for fast food. My oldest son’s costume was the most difficult to make the head for jack in the box. We used news paper which nowadays … Read more

Amazing DIY Fast Food Group Costume

Amazing DIY Fast Food Group Costume

We dressed up as fast food characters during our annual trip to Mickey’s Halloween Party in Disneyland. We were stopped countless times for pictures. I thought my kids would get frustrated as it slowed us down from rides, but they loved the attention. As soon as one picture was taken, another person would jump in … Read more

Ronald McDonald Costume

Ronald McDonald Costume

i was thinking what costume to wear for my 30th i wanted soething different had 2 be unique and unusual so i thought ooohhh thats it im gonna be ronald mcdonald looking online i realised just how much the costumes were and thought theres no way im paying that so i bought a yellow boiler … Read more

Totally Tasty In-N-Out Family

Totally Tasty In-N-Out Family

This is our completely homemade family costumes, except for the In-n-out hats! We have 2 1/2-year-old twin boys, so I wanted to have a coordinating costume for both of them, I decided on a hamburger and fries, because I love food!  Also they were milk and cookies last year, so we continued the food theme … Read more

Coolest Spud Wagon Fry Truck Costume

Coolest Spud Wagon Fry Truck Costume

I wanted to make something unique this year that I’d never seen before – when I first thought of a fry truck costume, I thought it was perhaps a bit odd, but ran with the idea! “Chips” and “Buds” are our kids nicknames, they call french fries “chachas” (from when our girl first started talking) … Read more

Ronald and the Hamburglar Couple Costume

Ronald and the Hamburglar Couple Costume

I made these Ronald McDonald and Hamburglar costumes for my boyfriend and his friend, as we were all going on a night out. Everyone on the night out all worked at McDonalds including these two. We kept their costumes as a surprise. Everyone found it hilarious and quite ironic how they dressed up. When we … Read more