i was thinking what costume to wear for my 30th i wanted soething different had 2 be unique and unusual so i thought ooohhh thats it im gonna be ronald mcdonald looking online i realised just how much the costumes were and thought theres no way im paying that so i bought a yellow boiler suit cut the arms and legs off it then i got red house hold paint painted the pockets and m on the suit and painted a white collar i bought 2 pairs of red and white tights one for my arms and one for my legs the to finish the costme off i bought red boots and yellow laces oohhh and of course bought a red wig then painted my face and i was set and ready……when all my friends turned up at mine they could not believe what i was dressed up as they were all laughing… on hitting town i felt like a celebrity i was getting approached by everyone wanting to have their photo taken with me it was an amazing night