Each Halloween I try to create an original costume. Either a costume that cannot be store bought or creating and perfecting a specific theme.

I wanted to be Ronald McDonald. Ronald is a clown so clown accessories are perfect. A pair of clown shoes and a red wig, although finding the perfect RED wig was challenging. The shirt and socks was a used Wheres Waldo costume found at a local Goodwill. The jumpsuit was  white cotton found on Ebay for a few dollars which I died yellow. The logo printed grom google onto iron on paper. A pair of white gloves and lots of red and white make-up. I did invest a few extra dollars for better makeup for easier application as well as needing it to last for 12 hours.

I make my costume every year and this was the best costume. I hadn’t had this much fun in a long time. I work at the DMV and several employees dress for this occasion. All day I asked my customers “Would you like fries with that “?…”Would you like to supersize that”? etc. Everyone played along.

My lunch time was spent with a co-worker visiting local fast food restaurants. Kepp in mind no matter how serious you soeak, you have a huge red permanent smile on your face. As I entered McD’s i walked up next to a patron studing the menu. I posed in the same manor as he was and proceeded to as him ” What would you recommend”?  He indeed needed to take a double look as he saw me. The manger came out, introduced herself and wanted to have her picture taken with Ronald. She requested a copy to hang in the establishment.

Next we visited the home of the whopper. The patrons were amused as I stood on line..witha behavior as an ordinary person. As I approached the cashier  I asked “Is the whopper good” he stated ” Im sorry you cannot be in here”. I answered “are you serious..its Halloween” And he said it again. As I was leaving two moms were entering with their toddlers..holding Happy Meals. I leaned over and whispered to them “Be careful with those, they just threw me out of here”.

Our final stop was Wendy’s. As I approached the counter I asked the cashiers “Is Wendy here”? They looked at me oddly. I continued with ” Can you please tell her that her cousin Ron is here to see her”. The cashiers walked away and quickly cam back with the manager who was so amused she too wanted her photo taken with me.

I must admit being famous was fun for the day. Everyone was like the paparazzi..taking pictures of me with their cell phones. Adults and kids wanted the picture taken with Ronald all day. It was fabulous ceating smiles on faces all day. I have used this costume several times since for events at my synagougue…I was Ronald McDavid.