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Fun and Easy Ronald McDonald and Hamburglar Costumes

My friend Hilary (Ronald) and I (the Hamburglar) were brainstorming on Halloween costume ideas one year for a group of four of us.  We had the idea to do the McDonald’s crew but were arguing over who would be who.  In the end our other two friends dropped out and it brought it down to just us.  We always like to play off of our height difference, with her being 5’10” and me being 5’2”, so we decided on Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar.  We started our search for supplies at our colleges local Salvation army and Halloween shops.

The Hamburglar costume is composed of a black and white striped top from a cheap clothing store at the mall, black and white striped stockings and a hat from the Halloween shop, black fabric and ribbon for the cape, a red tie from salvation army, a handmade paper hamburger, and lots of makeup.  Creating the costume really wasn’t all that hard.  I started by cutting holes in the top of the black fabric to lace the ribbon through for the cape.  Cut the cape to a suitable length and tied it on.  The shirt was long and a stretchy material so I just made sure it was long enough to cover me up.  I used black eyeliner pencil and black face makeup to color in the mask over my eyes. And I drew a hamburger and colored it in on a piece of paper to add to my tie and Voila! The Hamburglar!

Ronald McDonald required a few more elements: two shirts and a skirt from Salvation Army, red and white stockings from the Halloween shop, red hair spray, more face makeup, an “M” emblem for the shirt, and old sneakers to color in and make “clown” like.  Hilary and I sprayed her hair red and made it curly and crazy looking.  Did her makeup like Ronald’s, and pieced her outfit together.  There wasn’t much to putting her outfit together; just layering.  And there she…he…was Ronald McDonald!

We went to a costume party and everyone LOVED ours.  Everyone was so impressed by our homemade costumes and still are til this day.  These costumes were definitely two of my proudest.

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