Coolest McDonald’s Gang Costume

For Halloween 2010, friends and I decided to turn ourselves into the McDonaldland Gang! If you were a child of the 80’s, you absolutely know the names “Ronald McDonald”, “Grimus”, “Birdy the Early Bird”, and “The Hamburglar”. Here are instructions for each costume:

Ronald McDonald costume: Required my excellent face painting skills on my husband. We used a painter’s jumpsuit to make Ronald’s jumpsuit, cut off the legs and arms and dyed it yellow (may or may not have ruined my washing machine!). I then used red ribbon to create the “pockets” and the seam up the center, and finished the look by cutting a red felt circle and cutting out the “M” for McDonald’s. He wore red and white striped socks, red shoes with yellow laces, and a red and white striped shirt under the jumpsuit to complete the look. And of course, no Ronald would be complete without a red afro!

The Hamburglar costume: I made a mask out of black felt and elastic string to keep it on my face. Glued a yellow ribbon around the top of an old costume hat from my parents’ basement. I wore a set of black and white striped pajamas (only thing purchased – from Goodwill) and made my own cape out of black heavy fabric. To complete the look, I took a red strip of fabric, cut it into the shape of a tie, and printed a bunch of cheeseburgers onto fabric transfer paper… all I had to do was iron them on to complete this costume!

Birdy the Early Bird costume: started with a wig made of red yarn attached to a bald costume cap, with hangers inside of the yarn to cause the braids to curl. Required my mad face painting skills again, and a beak mask to appear as a bird. She created her pink jumpsuit out of satin fabric, cutting out the middle to form her “M”. She wore a yellow sweatshirt with yellow feather boas wrapped around the arms to give the appearance of wings. Also wore yellow leggings to complete the “bird” look.

Grimus costume: Perhaps the most grueling of the creation process, but definitely the best part of our McDonald’s Gang costume. He made his entire costume out of PVC pipe, covered in purple felt. He formed the head piece by covering an old biking helmet with the purple felt, then made a large enough circle around the neck and secured the purple felt underneath to give one solid head piece. He cut the facial pieces out of felt and glued them onto the head piece. His body piece was just sewn together around his body, almost as a nightgown with pvc in the center to form the belly portion of Grimus. This costume was complete with hand and foot covers!

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