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Coolest 150+ Homemade Food Commercial Costumes

There’s something about watching advertisements for food that makes them so irresistible. You just want to reach into your screen and grab a bite! This collection is full of homemade food commercial costumes to fill your cravings.

Fast food is a popular DIY costume choice because there is something for everyone. Whether you’re a burger, fries or a refreshing cup of coke, there are fantastic costumes here to get you inspired.

Also, you will see homemade costumes here for the Pillsbury Doughboy, Chef Boyardee and the California raisins.

In addition, these food commercial costumes make awesome couple costumes. Try a bucket of KFC with the Colonel or a regal Mrs. Butterworth with a waffle.

So discover how to become a giant McDonald’s Happy Meal or the Hamburgler. Start your DIY costume journey with the tutorials here! Then share your costume here and inspire others for Halloween.


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