Unique Costume Idea for a Woman: Morton Salt Girl

I really wanted to break away from the traditional Halloween costumes and do something different. I decided I wanted to be the little girl on the salt container. I knew if I really worked at it everyone would get it!

Step 1: Secured Umbrella via online auction site

Step 2: Visited Chinatown for some cheap yellow maryjanes (they sell these online too)

Step 3: Found someone with sewing skills to make my dress. I grabbed the fabric, and buttons from a discount fabric outlet and she went to town. I wanted the dress to be warm so I used a thicker fabric. I’m sure you could easily find a dress in a thrift store that looks close but I wanted it just right!

Step 4: The umbrella handle wasn’t yellow so I grabbed some yellow tape used for wrapping tennis racket handles and rewrapped the umbrella with it

Step 5: Little girl barrettes and a canister of salt from Walgreens

I really loved this costume because it was comfortable, no one else had it and people knew RIGHT away who I was. People even stopped me on the street to take pictures!

Unique Costume Idea for a Woman: Morton Salt Girl