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Cutest Little Morton Salt Girl Halloween Toddler Costume

Cutest Little Morton Salt Girl, she really fits the part. With her blond hair at the perfect length and it even flipped just right. We found the yellow jacket coat on clearance that looked exactly as the one on the girl. The white tights needed for warmth you can find almost anywhere. We also found the yellow Mary Jane shoes online for a little girl for a great deal. The white umbrella worked out perfect as part of her costume and for what it’s really suppose to do….block the rain. Ironically, “when it rains it pours”.

We found some Morton salt T-shirts online that we ended making her treat bag out of that she was able to wear hands free like a satchel. We cut the back of the t-shirt out on both doubled up on it for strength and sewed together and to finish the treat bag up we bought a white strap from a fabric store and attached for a perfect little treat bag.

Last but not least one of the most important pieces to this perfect little Morton Salt girl costume. Granted you can find a Morton Salt container in one of you cabinets or pantry but we bought a new one and dumped out the salt in different container to use for future use. The hardest part of this costume was trying to find tulle with white pin dots. I looked everywhere, nothing. I still had a month but was running out of time. I finally found some that would have been perfect but was from a different country and would take at least a month to get to me and wasn’t guaranteed to get to me in time. That wouldn’t work,  so I decided to buy some tulle and some clear dots to glue on. It wasn’t  bad but as a perfectionist, it wasn’t quite right so we started over.

I had extra tulle that I hot glued small white flat beads on, you can find at any craft store. It looked pretty good. We then cut the tulle to fit her height so it wasn’t dragging too much and then attached with glue to the empty Morton Salt container. It was even cuter than I had pictured or would have ever imagined. Perfect. My little 1  year old Calia made the perfect Morton Salt girl

The reactions we received from everyone was wonderful. Everyone knew who she was and complimented us on the detail put into the costume. “When it rains it pours”

Tiny little Morton Salt girl

Cutest Little Morton Salt Girl

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