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Coolest Homemade Morton Salt Girl Costume

I thought of this Morton Salt Girl costume the night before I had to dress up for Halloween at school, I was thinking, oh goodness, I have no costume for tomorrow and I have no idea what I am going to do.

So, I started Googling things and it had all looked like costumes I had already seen or something I couldn’t make in five minutes. I wanted to be something that I knew nobody would have at my school. Something so original that I would win the costume contest. I was looking all over the house thinking of things I could imitate, still nothing.

Finally, I looked in the cupboard and the Morton Salt was the first thing I saw and I knew I had a yellow dress, so I ran upstairs and tried it on and my mom added that she had a yellow raincoat so I wore that also and a few last minute touches. I found white tights which made it look a lot more like a costume. Also, I had an umbrella that I had thrifted.

Lastly, I did not have yellow shoes, but I found brown ones that did the trick just as well. I pinned my hair to make it look like I had a bob haircut so I looked more like the real girl. I carried my salt container around all day at school and received a huge amount of compliments and I won my high schools “Most Creative Costume”.

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