The sun drop girl costume DIY!

  • Neon Tshirt
  • jean shorts
  • leggings
  • high socks (I used my volleyball socks)
  • boots/sneakers
  • red pre wrap
  • paper, markers, scissors, tape, glitter

I made this costume simply by clothing I already had. My sister and I took yellow computer paper and cut out yellow drops that said the sun drops we colored them in and then put glitter on the word drops. We then also made a cut out for the back of the shirts that said drop it like its hot! We colored that in as well made the word “hot” look like it’s on file and also put glitter on the word hot. This was probably the hardest task of this costume.

We completed this look by using basketball and volleyball neon tshirts we already had and taping the drop on the front of the shirt and the “drop it like its hot” on the back of the shirt. We then wore leggings, jean shorts, high volleyball socks that looked like leg warmers. We wore boots because it was a little chilly outside. We then topped off the outfit by wearing red pre wrap as the head piece and crazy looking makeup. We also took our candy bags that were already a sphere shape and made them look like a sundrop can. The best part of this costume was every time we walked away from people they would all start singing drop it like its hot!

For perks carry around a sun drop can drinks and drop it like its hot around your neighborhood you will have your neighbors wishing they had thought of this super awesome Halloween costume. And remember always drop it!

I also used this costume idea for homecoming week at school, for twins day my friend made her shirt but cutting out a template and spray painting her shirt!

I hope you use this idea for your next Halloween costume! Good luck and keep dropping!