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The Sundrop Girl Who Hit Town with a Cool Halloween Costume

This Sundrop Girl Who Hit Town with a Cool Halloween Costume was my costume last year and I’m not entirely sure if I can top the excitement in 2012! Sundrop is a newer soda that tastes sort of like Mountain Dew and their adds introduced this amazingly silly girl dancing throughout public activities, her actions induced solely by the pure joy this soda gave her. I need to be clear, not only was the costume well thought out but it was interactive, I’m tellin’ ya, I cannot top this amazing Halloween!

The Look: I bought the Sundrop Logo tshirt online then spent some time shopping in various thrifts for the head band, tube socks, watch etc . Lastly, to Target for the leggings – no one needs a used pair a those for a costume! I got a pair of comfortable Chucks on for the Halloween night festivities because I knew my feet would need the support!

Becoming Sundrop: I had a sporty backpack on which housed a 12-pack of this amazing drink so I could sample it out to people as I was bar hopping. Two of the sodas were in the mesh pockets on the side of the backpack, as promotion for course. Most importantly however I hooked up my Ipod to a small speaker that attached to the bag. Whenever someone recognized me on the street or in the bar, I turned on the song “Drop it Like It’s Hot” by Snoop (the featured song in the commercial) and dances my butt off for 15-30 seconds, depending on the crowd. I’m a social person but certainly not someone to desire let’s say, the spotlight, however in this costume… there was no* leaving it! My legs were on fire the next day from all the dance moves and I only wish I had more photos to share!

I’m not sure if I can post the YouTube video for you, however please look up Sundrop 2011. That should give you the 32 second commercial (first video) that references this costume. Since the commercial is not ME, I will not post it but you’ll want the reference to understand. :D thanks for your consideration!

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