Coolest KIA Superbowl Commercial Muno Costume

The Kia Superbowl commercial inspired me to make this Muno costume. I used 5 yards of red pleather and a full size foam mattress topper to make this. I hot glued a dozen red “bumps” (Christmas ornaments, cut in ½) onto the “skin”, and used blue coveralls for the “flight suit”. I found the plastic “goggle” in the craft section at the local party store. I wore a backpack to simulate a parachute. The teeth and eye were fashioned out of an old piece of white lingerie. And the mouth was open at the bottom so I could see, as well as giving me the opportunity to eat and drink. I cut “ears” out of the sides of the face and covered them with red mesh so I could hear. I went through an entire package of hot glue sticks.

I spent a total of about 12 hours on the Homemade KIA Superbowl Commercial Muno Costume. Every Halloween is an adventure in Seattle, WA. There are so many fun places to go…this costume was a huge hit when I wore it last night for the local Saturday night Halloween festivities! It was much more comfortable walking around outside in the 50 degree weather than it was on the hot, steamy dance floor. Everywhere I went people “waved” and “high-fived” me. I had so much fun!

Homemade KIA Superbowl Commercial Muno Costume

Homemade KIA Superbowl Commercial Muno Costume

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