Coolest KIA Soul Hamsters Costume

My friend and I decided to dress up as the KIA Soul Hamsters from the commercial. We love Halloween and make our own costumes every year but this year was by-far our favorite costumes. We bought all the matericals from boots to furs at the local thrift store and came out to about $20/costume.

We used old baseball caps, taped paper plates to the front the make the brim longer. Then we taped foam and crinkled up newspapers on top of the hat. We covered it with furs and scarfs we found at the thrift store. The eyes were made from foam and covered with garbage bag. The whiskers from plastic cups. The nose from construction paper and the ears from paper plates.

We won first place for our Homemade KIA Soul Hamsters Costume at the party we went to and played the song from the commercial when we entered the party, everyone sang along and joined in. Great time! Happy Halloween!!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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