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Cool DIY Couple Costume: Kia Hamster and Soul Car

Two months after I started, here it is…Kia Hamster and “Soul” car costumes. I made it all from scratch, except the hoodie, but did the stenciling manually…

The mask has over gone several makeovers since I began to get just right. I used a foam base, then hot melted the fur onto it. The mouth moves with my jaw movements and the vision is good through the eye duct holes. It is a little hard to walk in, due to the low body structure of the hamster causing a “penguin walk”.

The car is entirely cardboard, the wheels are plastic plates, the Hamsters in the windows are actual prints from the Kia website. The paint is leftover from my recently painted bedroom…yes, the whole room this color, my daughter says it looks like “aliens threw up in there”. I really enjoy working on these costumes as the weather chills and my yard work slows, it keeps me busy!  Inside the car is my 84 year old mother, she loves it too…I guess the apple did not fall from the tree with us!  Even one of my co-workers, who owns a Kia Soul wanted to get into the action, so I made a costume for her and she added her gerbil in a ball, dressed as hoodied hamster!


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