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Kia Soul Hamsters Group Halloween Costume

This halloween three of my very good friends of mine decided that we would dress up as the Kia Soul and the three hamsters. We were inspired by the very popular Kia Soul commercials that we have grown to love over time from seeing them on tv so often. They are hilarious.

These costumes are homemade, they did not cost too much to make, but they certainly took a lot of time and effort. It took us almost a full month to get them finished. We made the hamster heads from balloons, covered them in paper mache, then we taped balloons on the outside for the ears and cheeks to make a realistic hamster shape. Then we painted them and cut the mouths out so we could see, and glued pipe cleaners for whiskers, and stuffed them with polyester and a cloth lining for a comfortable and tight fit.

We went and bought second hand suits and some bow ties and suspenders to add some razzle dazzle.

The car was built from cardboard, paper mache, paint, tape, tinfoil, sparkling paper, glow sticks, mini battery operated headlights, and a golf bag strap to carry it. We got great feedback and people took pics everywhere we went. We walked through local malls, all round the city, we went to the Kia dealership where they even offered to buy the costumes after the weekend. We even managed to get invited on the weather network channel where we did a dance on TV.

The hardest part of creating these costumes was trying to get the heads the right shape that looked really similar to the hamsters in the Kia soul commercials on television. It was a constant battle throughout the month of October trying to find time and to make sure we finished them on time. It wasn’t easy as we all have jobs. We won a local contest at one of the bars here in Saint John, NB. They were loved by all! Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Kia Soul Hamsters Group Halloween Costume

Kia Soul Hamsters Group Halloween Costume

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