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Coolest Hamster on a Wheel Costume

First of all thank you to all those who submit to this site. I have modified and made many of the costumes.

1. This Homemade Hamster on a Wheel Costume was the result of brainstorming ideas over dinner one night. Before the end of the meal we had pretty much the whole costume thought out.

2. The hamster wheel is made of two hula hoops, PVC piping, PVC connecters, PVC pipe insulation, and PVC glue. For the rungs of the wheel, I opened the hula hoop and slid 8, 1/2 inch T connectors equal distance apart. To the T’s I fit a 2in piece of PVC pipe, glue pipe to the connectors. Over the pipe I fit PVC pipe insulation, as long as the axis. I cut the insulation in half after I fit both sides of the wheel together, glue insulation to the pipe.

3. For the cross section. I used PVC piping and PVC connectors. While you are placing the PVC connecters for the rungs slide on two extra 1/2inch T connecters to each hula hoop. These connecters should be opposite each other. Fit a pipe that measures half of the diameter of the hula hoop, minus the length of three T connecters (2 short sides and one long side). Fit the pipe in the T connecters attached to the hula hoop and then fit a T connecter in the middle making up the cross section, glue all pipe connecter intersections.

4. For the axis. I used a piece of PVC piping a little wider than my daughter, not too wide or you won’t fit through doors. Before fitting the pipe into the cross section T’s, place 2, 3/4 in T’s on the pipe. Fit the pipe into the cross section T’s. Use more PVC piping and PVC elbows to make the support that will be carried on a backpack, glue all piping connecter intersections.

5. Backpack support. I cut off the back of and old backpack and sewed pockets that the support piping would slide into it.

6. Hamster. I sewed a modified turtle neck, with a short front and a long back. I sewed an underside to the back and stuffed the body with filling. Sewed legs and a tail attached them to the body. I attached the body to the wheel axis with fishing line. The hat I made from the pattern.

7. Add makeup, wear something black from the chest down.

8. Enjoy!

Homemade Hamster on a Wheel Costume

Homemade Hamster on a Wheel Costume

Homemade Hamster on a Wheel Costume

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