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Coolest Soda Pop Can Group Costume

This year, as juniors in our high school, we decided to do something special. We are a group of eleven girls and we had this idea since like summer.

Every year, our school has Halloween costume contest. We decided to participate in the group category. We chose a weekend and all the girls came to my house and we made them together. We all chose one soda and we bought the plain t-shirts from all the different places, they’re mostly like around 3 dollars, very affordable. And we bought different colors of felts according to our can.

We basically went online and found the images of the cans, and used blank paper to trace the logo. After that, we stapled the felt with the paper and we started cutting them. By using this way, we were able to create really neat and similar logos.

After we finished the logos, we hot glued them onto our shirt. And on the back, there were our last names at the bottom and bar codes on the top. We used white felt and black puffy paint to create the bar codes. The numbers of the bar codes are “000000002013” because we are class of 2013! ^ ^ YAY, class pride.

On our head were the can rings. We used stem wires (I bought them from Michael’s, they were for flowers) and made an oval shape and wrapped it with foil. And we cut two holes on it. And then we attached them to our own headbands.

IT WAS A GREAT HIT! Everyone loved it, they kept telling us how cute it was. So that’s basically our costumes for 2011 Halloween.
We didn’t win the contest in the end  (we got second), but it was still a great day!

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