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Coolest Homemade California Raisins Halloween Costumes

Our friend came up with a 80’s cartoon-themed Halloween party and I decided to create these Homemade California Raisins Halloween Costumes for my boyfriend and I. I had never seen it done before and really didn’t know where to start but a trip to the local party store is where I found the perfect shade of vinyl purple table cloths for the main structure, which I stuffed tissue paper to add dimension.

I simply stapled two table cloths together in a organic shape to make them each unique. Then, I added on hand-cut out felt for the bibs, bow ties and sewed on buttons. I also colored in the plain white slip-on sneakers with sharpie for the shoes to make them look authentic.

I finished off the costume with black spandex shirts, pants and some white cartoon gloves and topped it off with a pair of 80’s sunglasses and a microphone. And there you have two singing California Raisins, perfect for a 80’s cartoon-themed party!

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