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Super Easy Jolly Green Giant Costume

I think the inspiration for this super easy Jolly Green Giant costume came from a day working in the yard.  I really liked the look of this costume especially since it was extremely easy to make.  I was The Hulk at a party in the past and had a lot of green body paint left over so I was looking for some type of green themed character.  Once I saw the leaves on out loquat trees, I instantly thought of the Jolly Green Giant.

I bought a green woman’s nightgown and cut it into the proper shape.  I also used an old based cap with the brim cut off.  After pulling a bunch of leaves off the tree, I had to figure out the best way to attach them.  As it turned out, hot glue was the best option.  And it was very fast to put together.  The hot glue turned the leaf brown where it made contact so I started at the bottom and worked my way up.  That allowed me to cover the brown parts with the bottom of the next row of leaves.

I then did the same thing across the top edge with another row of leaves.  The last step was to cover the hat in leaves.  This outfit cost about $20 and took a few hours to make.  Unfortunately, it was a one use outfit.  It was hard enough to get on, but taking it off did a good bit of damage to it.  Since I used real leaves, it wouldn’t have lasted very long anyway.  Definitely a fun outfit to wear.

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