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Coolest Green Giant and Sprout Couple Costume

The inception of this Green Giant and Sprout Couple Costume came quite innocently at a day of work in the drywall industry. In this field of work I wear all white clothing. On most days my job requires me to wear stilts to reach some of the work I have to do day to day. As I was working way up there on my stilts a contractor came through the door and didn’t see me up there and got quite a scare! He yelped ” holy $#!* you are like the freaking white giant! and with this came the brainwave for switching in my whites for a “greener” look.

And so with a plan for both my girlfriend and I to suit up in green, my mother and I started canvassing local fabric shops and thrift stores alike. With mitt fulls of green fabric and old sweaters, green dies and basically anything green we could get our hands on, we set about our task in the depths of my mother’s renowned “craft room” home of many a great hand-made Halloween masterpieces!

With ma on the machine and me on the scissors, I started painstakingly carving out each individual leaf from 3 different colors of green felt (my god if there was only a way to skip this step!) not even quite sure how many it took but it was agonizing! the next step was cutting out a simple tunic and sewing up the sides. the same process was used for both the green giant and his little buddy sprout. Next step was to stitch them all on the tunic. Hand sewing was just simply too much, so a well laid out and pinned leaf pattern was stitched on by machine in a single row. by row. by row………..!

After this came the pants. Now for sprout it was simple, value village supplied a stellar pair of bright green pants that pulled it off nicely, coupled with a matching green hoody from the same store (PURE LUCK!) with the tunic slipped over the top and a green pair of mini mitts, sprout’s look was just a bit of green hairspray and some make up away from a completed look.

Unfortunately even the big and tall store could not accommodate the needs of an eight and a half foot tall man! So with a simple pajama pant pattern and a bit of extra green fabric we made a really tall pair of pajamas and sewed some green felt shoes on the bottom.

Believe it or not there was a few felt leaves left over! with inspiration still in the air, mother stitched together a bonnet like leaf hat with a hole in the top to allow for my hair to pull through and fall freely. A bunch of green make up, a pair of mini mitts and I was just two and a half feet shy of being a giant!

Now this is where the costume gets tricky! To get the height of a giant I needed my drywall stilts and a big stick painted green. I would like to emphasize that I am a professional dry waller and that walking on stilts is not easy nor for an amateur. But if you are a dry waller yourself, or you are or were a circus performer you might be able to pull this one off!

Good luck with the costumes and for god sakes be careful up there! Being a giant is hazardous, no matter what color a giant you are!

Green Giant and Sprout Couple Costume

Green Giant and Sprout Couple Costume

Green Giant Costume

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