This is our completely homemade family costumes, except for the In-n-out hats! We have 2 1/2-year-old twin boys, so I wanted to have a coordinating costume for both of them, I decided on a hamburger and fries, because I love food!  Also they were milk and cookies last year, so we continued the food theme . I thought being a specific brand would be more fun. We are huge In-n-out fans, and I love their logo design. My dad used to drive us two hours just to eat there when we didn’t have one closer growing up!  We went to the harvest party at our church, it was crazy walking through the crowds because everyone stopped to look and point in amazement! I think we succeeded in making everyone crave In-n-out food. We even won the best costume contest, so all the hard work paid off!

I got most of my ideas just by looking at pictures of the actual food and packaging, and wandering the craft store to find things to use for it .

I mostly used different colored felt, cardboard and hot glue for the hamburger. The fry box is made from poster board and the fries are cut up foam that I painted with a golden yellow for more texture. I was so excited with how the fries turned out, they were making everyone hungry at the festival. Our worker costumes were basically finding white clothes (side note: men’s white pants are insanely hard to find!) red material for the aprons and giant bobby pins to hold the back.

The hardest part of the costume was getting them to not rip the fries out of the box and use them as bats!  But when candy is involved, they will do anything you say!

I was very happy with the end result, seeing as I started the project one week before. I have procrastination issues. We had so much fun, and our boys did so good in their slightly awkward to walk in costumes!