Well the boys and I came up with this idea together after about 2 days of  brain storming. We picked Sour Nerds because of the color (not girly pink/purple). Once we had decided on what they’d be I went on-line and downloaded an image of an actual Sour Nerds Candy box. We wanted it to be as real looking as possible. To make it wasn’t hard but it was time comsuming. I purchased poster boards in the colors we needed and in white for the letting. I drew all the letters and little Nerd guys onto the poster boards and then cut and cut and cut. This was the biggest part by far. I assembled all the pieces to the poster boards before I glued them to the boxes.

The weekend before Halloween we went to the Annual Halloween Parade and Costume Contest and entered as a “group” and we won 1st place!! the boys received a $25 gift card to McDonalds. They were super excited.

On Halloween night the boys got a lot of people asking them to stop so they could read all sides of the “box of Nerds” and take pictures. The funniest thing was when they tried to play the cake walk game at the church Halloween event. The boxes weren’t made for sitting down..

When I started making the costume I didn’t realized that how I had placed the word SOUR, with “SO” on one box and the “UR” on the other made it where you could have read it as  “so  ur  nerds”? My oldest son age 22 pointed that out, in a brotherly teasing way. lol. The costumes were fun and the boys really liked them.