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Homemade Nerds Candy Costume

The costume I made was for my 2 year old daughter Ari whom I call my lil’ “nerd.” :) I came up with the idea because I wanted something different, something “outside the box” that not many children wear during Halloween and it had to be cheap and made from a diaper box which was the only type of box I had available to work with. I thought a nerd candy box was fitting, seeing that I needed to make something rectangular and I call her my nerd all the time.

I started off by cutting two arm holes from the sides of the box. I then cut off the bottom of the box and one entire side so she could walk in it. After that I hot glued on white poster board and trimmed the edges off the fit the box. I googled what a Nerd’s candy box zoomed in looked like, and free hand drew the entire picture onto the poster board. I then used crayons and markers to color the picture in.

After, I cut up small pieces of construction paper (pink, and purple) wrinkled them up into small balls, and hot glued them to the top of the box to resemble nerds candy coming out.

The entire cost of this project was $1.00! All I had to buy was 2 white poster boards. I already had the markers, crayons, construction paper, hot glue, and the box. After it was finished everyone loved it and thought it was too cute. She was entered into a Halloween contest in my city and won 1st place for most creative costume. :)

Homemade Nerds Candy Costume

Homemade Nerds Candy Costume

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