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Deliciously Easy Sour Patch Kid Costume for Women

Every year for Halloween, I would go to the costume stores and try on a MILLION different versions of the same exact costume… a “sexy cop”, a “naughty nurse”, and so on and so forth. I am 22, and thought I want to look cute on Halloween, I no longer feel the need to dress up in the same costume as every other girl in the world. I sat and thought, what costume really sums up who I am?

As I was contemplating this question, I was partaking in my favorite snack of all time. You guessed it! Sour patch kids.

Ever since that candy has been invented, I have succumbed to its deliciousness at least once a week (Somehow, I have never had a cavity!)  As I was munching on my favorite flavor, the red ones, it hit me. I AM GOING TO BE A SOUR PATCH KID! As the slogan says, “sour, then sweet” I realized that the slogan can be applied to who I am as a person. I am sweet and sour! : )  I tried to do research on Pinterest, and on Google. I swear I did a million web searches and found not one sour patch kid costume! This is when it got tricky. I have never made my own costume before, so I took my favorite parts of costumes I have had in the past and applied a “sweet” twist to them!

For girls, I think tutus are the ultimate in feminity. Add a corset top and you have the sex appeal, too!

So, for my costume I used the following items(I chose to be a red Sour patch kid since they are my favorite flavor, but you can be red, orange, green, or yellow.)

  • Red tutu
  • Red tights
  • Red corset top
  • Aleene’s Tacky Glue Spray
  • Decorative filling beads (found at a craft store.) These beads were used to create the “sugar” on the corset top. They have a similar look to that of a silica bead, just non-toxic.
  • 2 bags of sour patch kids (reserve the wrappers for later use.)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Shoes of choice
  • Headband
  • Twist-tie from a bag of bread or garbage bag

To make the costume is SO EASY!

1. Glue Sour Patch Kids randomly all over tutu with hot glue.

2. Glue Sour Patch kids along the top lining of corset top

3. Spray tacky glue all over corset top; sprinkle decorative beads over the top. Allow to dry and repeat a second time until you have a desired level of “sugar” (I did a final, third spray of glue to “set” the beads on top)

4. Headband: Take one of the reserved wrappers and pinch in the middle to create a bow shape. Twist-tie it onto the headband in position of choice. I did it angled to the side.

5. Take second reserved wrapper and glue it to the strap of your corset top to create a badge. You can add glitter, or any other embellishments. Have fun with it!

Your costume is now complete!

My favorite thing about my costume besides how well it fit me and my personality, was the attention it got. So many people came up to me asking if they could have a piece of my costume! I guess everyone loves the candy as much as I do! My costume was “delicious!”


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