Cool DIY Fast Food Family Costume

So we decided hat this year we would have m and my kids all participant in a family costume. We wanted to be original nothing scary so we went for fast food.

My oldest son’s costume was the most difficult to make the head for jack in the box. We used news paper which nowadays is hard to find. LOL! We basically made it as if making a piñata. Then followed with the jacket which we purchased at the local thrift store.

My middle son we had a friend who actually worked at McDonald’s in he past gave us he actually apron and hat simple enough.

Mine which is the Wendy costume was created with material from Walmart. The most important thing for this costume was the wig to make it pop.

My little guy we had the all white suite from his baptism so that worked perfectly.

The most important thing for all these costumes was and I repeat you must go to every fast food place to get the bags/buckets to make these costumes more realistic. These costumes where such a hit. We got so many laughs and made a lot of people smile. This kids kind of got embarrassed from so much attention.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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