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Cool Snap, Crackle and Pop Child Costumes

I have 3 children (ages 9, 9 and 8) and have always loved dressing them up for Halloween in themes of “3’s”.  I got this idea a couple years ago, while eating Rice Krispies for breakfast one morning.  I finally had the time to make the costumes this year.  :-)

Snap: I found a white chef hat and cut the letters from yellow felt and glued them onto the hat.  I cut the bandana out of red fabric.  I purchased a yellow shirt and glued on a red button.  I found tight-fitting blue pants and purchased some white canvas shoes and dyed them yellow.

Crackle: I purchased the red and white striped hat online.  I glued black letters onto the hat.  I cut the bandana out of white fabric.  I purchased a light blue shirt and glued on 2 yellow buttons.  I found blue pants from the Goodwill store and purchased red canvas shoes.

Pop:  This was definitely the most challenging costume.  I purchased a black conductor hat and measured, cut and glued yellow felt onto the hat. I cut the letters from red felt and glued then onto the hat.  I purchased a red shirt and glued on 2 blue buttons.  I cut the stripes and belt buckle from yellow felt and the belt from black ribbon and glued them all on.  The collar piece is made from cardboard and yellow felt.  I cut the shoulder pieces as well and attached them to the collar piece.  I attached 2 pieces of Velcro to secure the collar piece.  I purchased the blue shorts and borrowed the black boots from a friend.

I then took 3 Rice Krispies cereal boxes and made them into their trick-or-treat bags by tying on ribbon for the handles.  These definitely topped off the Snap, Crackle and Pop costumes!

Oh my goodness, the reactions were overwhelming!  Everyone loved the costumes and especially the trick-or-treat bags to tie it all together.  We received an abundance of compliments/comments at all the events we attended.  They were asked several times to have their picture taken.  The reactions were great and the kids loved the attention and I loved the nice compliments on how well I did on the costumes to make them look so much like the real characters.   How am I going to top this off next year?!

It really was fun making these costumes. Pop was definitely the most challenging, but all the kind comments made it all worth it!  :-)  I did want to add that I had elf ears as well, but they didn’t fit the kid’s ears right, so we went without them – I hope it didn’t take too much away from the costumes.

Cool Snap, Crackle and Pop Child Costumes

Cool Snap, Crackle and Pop Child Costumes

Cool Snap, Crackle and Pop Child Costumes

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