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Most Stylish Snap-Crackle-Pop Girl Group Costume

We purchased for our Snap-Crackle-Pop Girl Group Costume two XXL men’s t-shirts, in red and royal blue, then an XL goldenrod yellow button-up men’s shirt, and went to town cutting them up! We acted as each other’s seamstresses, cut down the sides of the tees, made slits, and tied the side slits together one by one. The scarf for Snap was made from extra material from Pop, and Pop’s straps and cuffs were made from Snap’s sleeves! We purchased a beanie, a chef’s hat, and spray painted a train conductor’s hat.

Letters were cut out and sewn on, and we even bought the Rice Krispies cereal so we could sew our characters onto our costumes! Each outfit had its own unique touch: belted, halter top, and off-the-shoulder. The red lipstick and high heels added a nice finishing touch as well. The best part had to have been running around our house in half-sewn on dresses while trying to throw everything together! The hardest part was staying still while giggling at the other person tickling you trying to tie the shirt at your sides!

Everyone loved the outfits, and recognized the characters immediately. Great bonding experience, and best Halloween EVER!!

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