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Coolest DIY Fast Food Family Halloween Costume Idea

Every year the Aramini family does a “theme” for Halloween! This year, we had a DIY fast food family Halloween costume idea…

Mommy as Ronald McDonald – I went to the local salvation army and scored a pair of yellow adult footed pajamas and a red & white striped sweater.. I cut the arms and part of the legs off of the pajamas and cut the sleeves off of the sweater.. Attached the sleeves to the pajamas.. Added a long red zipper on the outside of the pj’s.. Some “puffy paint” for the “m”.. Bought red and white elf socks and wore oversized red slippers (of course I wouldn’t recommend the slippers in the rain or snow!). Makeup and red hairspray and voila! Bada ba ba ba.. I’m lovin’ it!

Daddy as Burger King- eBay $17 :) he”s a very simplistic man!

Maddox as colonel sanders- bought an all white suit.. Black satin ribbon for tie.. Scored a black cane 2 years ago (he was Mr. Peanut.. We had all gone as “trail mix”) and cut it down to fit his size.. Already had shiny black shoes.. Glasses are from a 3d movie we saw and punched out the lenses.. White hairspray.. And white makeup for facial hair and brows (he was supposed to have theatrical hair but the latex used to apply it was dried out!). Went to a local KFC and asked for a bucket and you’ve got yourself the colonel!

Mina as Wendy’s- got an oversized blue and white striped boys dress shirt.. Made the apron out of red material and black ribbon.. For the logo I had originally used iron-ons to copy from the computer and print onto the material.. However.. We wore the costumes 4 times and of course kids are not clean and neat and I had to wash it.. Which, after the first wash it came off.. So I printed the logo off the computer and used a permanent marker to trace the logo onto the apron and used white puffy paint so it was easier to wash!

Red hairspray and regular hairspray with bobby pins until it dried then took out the pins and it made my hair stick out like the Wendy’s girl! Tied blue ribbons in the hair added some freckles, red & white striped stockings and black dress shoes.. Went to a local Wendy’s and asked for a bag.. Tada! You have yourself Wendy Thomas!

Macon as a Taco Bell packet- now this one was a little trickier! I went to a local fabric store and was originally looking for some stiff yet soft and easy to move in material.. Kinda like the stuff they use to make those cheap, store bought costumes out of.. Well of course, they didn’t have it.. So I found this stiff felt material that you can iron regular material to and you’ve got a stiffer material!.. I found orange material with swirly patterns in it like a Taco Bell packet.. I ironed the material to it making 2 of the same materials for the backing of course.. Sewed up each side but left room for arms to go through… Cut triangles out of the ends to look like a packet.

Used puffy paint to write “border sauce” at the top.. Then the word “mild” then I cut out white felt and wrote “ahhh… We meet again” for the Taco Bell packet saying.. Under it I used iron-on and copied the Taco Bell logo and think outside the bun to iron underneath it (be sure to reverse the logo before ironing it on!). Then wrote in puffy paint the ingredients underneath that.. I added some orange hairspray to his hair and spiked it up… and he was happy and able to move around in it freely!

DIY Fast Food Family Halloween Costume Idea

DIY Fast Food Family Halloween Costume Idea

DIY Fast Food Family Halloween Costume Idea

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