This year’s costumes were Dave Thomas and the Wendy’s girl. These costumes were thrown together at the last minute. For Dave I took a red apron and ironed on the Wendy’s logo. I sprayed his hair and eyebrows white, added a neck tie, glasses and a spatula.

For the Wendy’s girl costume I took a store bought Alice and Wonderland costume and embellished it. I made a blue and white striped undershirt and a name tag. I braided pipe cleaners in the red wig to make the pig tails stick out. I went to the Wendy’s Food chain and picked up a tray, cups, French fry holder, and a takeout bag. I hot glued the bag and cups to the tray. I stuffed the bag with paper towels and folded it. I used play dough to make a milk shake top in one of the cups. I put left over French fries in the holder and glued them down on the tray.

We got a lot of attention for our Homemade Dave Thomas and Wendy’s Girl Couple Costume at the Halloween party.