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Coolest Homemade Capn Crunch Costume

This is an easy made Capn Crunch costume… for the shoes I didn’t really get into it with detail (any shoes would work).

For the socks I bought some blue soccer socks debating on what color blue I was going to match them with. For the pants I bought some all white classic baseball pants at Big 5 for only 8$. For the jacket and the hat I used an old blazer/suit jacket – Navy Blue. Then I cut out some yellow circles and hot glued them to the jacket.

The hat was a little tricky- I went to the nearest fabric store and bought 2″ thick soft foam (like the kind you use to make quilts and blankets), it looks like bed lining… I Cut out 2 symmetrical matching pieces in the shape of Capn Crunches hat and glued them together leaving a space open at the bottom the size of my head shape. For the ‘C’ on the hat I went to Michael’s and bought a dollar letter C and hot glued it to the hat.

The mustache I bought (white felt with the sticky side)… I also used the left over felt for the eyebrows. The collar of Capn Crunch was easy – I cut up a piece of 2″ foam and cut out a round piece so my neck can slide into it.

And that’s all! Enjoy.

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