My wife decided that I needed an epic costume this year. We were celebrating our 20th anniversary, and we needed special costumes for our annual Halloween dinner party. She had her idea almost immediately, but I took a little longer to choose mine. I searched the internet high and low, and finally found an idea that I liked on I decided to be Captain Crunch.

To make this costume, I found a bright blue, button-down shirt, and attached felt circles for buttons. I cut foam shoulder pads and lined them with the yellow felt as well, and cuffs around my wrist. For my captain’s hat, I cut two pieces of foam, lined them with bright blue material, glued on the inside, then glued the two pieces together. I glued the yellow felt “C,” and two large white eyebrows to the hat. I made a felt mustache and used double-sided tape to hold it on my face. I paired this outfit with white pants, and a set of boot covers from an old pirate costume.