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Coolest Cap’n Crunch DIY Costume

I don’t like store bought costumes for the sole reason of them all being slutty… plus I want to be warm and comfy. Here’s how I made this homemade Cap’n Crunch costume –

Hat: Hardest part… b/c I really didn’t know what to do or how it would turn out. So, I cut out 2 identical pieces (front and back) of cardboard and covered them with blue felt and super glue. Then cut yellow felt for piping, a yellow C and white felt eyebrows… super glued them all to the front. Then, I took a flex fit baseball cap; cut the bill off and super glued the cardboard pieces to the front and back. After it worked, I covered the open area with one big piece of felt so you wouldn’t be able to see the hat conformed to my head.

Mustache: 2 white pieces of felt attached to my face with Spearmint Gum. Watch how big you make your mustache b/c it is very hard to eat or drink around… I started with an enormous mustache that engulfed most of my mouth, but had to back down.

Jacket: Bought a beige blazer at a thrift store for $2 and dyed it royal blue. Super glued the collar up and then put Velcro where I wanted the jacket to overlap in the front. I didn’t make the collar ridiculously big like most (only b/c I don’t like things touching my neck). But, that could be made with blue felt covered cardboard and super glued to the jacket collar as well. I cut yellow felt for wrist, pocket, and collar piping then super glued in place. 4 circles for yellow buttons, super glued them in place. Lastly, cut a circle of yellow felt, cut it in half, then snipped the edges to make fringe for the shoulder pad thingies. Super glued them down, a few times.

Pants: Thrift store find, $2

Boots: Wal-mart fishing galoshes-$10

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  1. This costume is awesome! You did an amazing job, and thanks for posting your methodology. I will try this for my 13 year old son!


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