We decided on a Homemade Captain Crunch and Toucan Sam Couple Costume after an idea we got off the internet.

Captain Crunch: purchased a jacket from Goodwill and then bought yellow felt to make the button and trim on the jacket. The hat was a little bit more difficult. I bought foam from Joann’s and cut two pieces out in squares. My husband then held the two pieces of foam around his head while I sewed the two sides together. Once the sides were sewn together we knew it fit his head. I then cut the foam out in the shape of hat. I then covered the foam with blue felt and hot glued it down. To finish it off we then just bought some white pants from goodwill as well.

Toucan Sam: I took a baseball cap and used another piece of foam to make the beak. I actually cut the foam down the center and placed the bill of the hat into the foam. Then I used several small pieces of felt to cover the foam in the colors of Toucan Sam. To make the dress I bought a dress, bleached it white, and then dyed it blue. I then bought a feather boa and hot glued that to the bottom of the dream to make it look more bird like. To make the wings I bought some shimmer fabric and attached it the back of the dress and then pinned it to some elastic around my wrists. The orange tights I got off the internet and the shoes were purchased at Goodwill and then I just used orange paint to color them.

Overall another great costume and fun to show!