Coolest Homemade Cereal Mascots Group Costume

We had a group of 7 girls and we wanted to create themed costumes. Captain Crunch is my favorite cereal and after pouring a bowl one morning the idea just came to me! We all made our bags out of the cereal box specific to our costume. Our total group included Captain Crunch (Captain Crunch), Tony the Tiger (Frosted Flakes), Buzz Bee (Honey Nut Cheerios), Pebbles (Fruity Pebbles), Lucky the Leprechaun (Lucky Charms), Trix Rabbit (Trix), and Count Chocula (Count Chocula).

Captain Crunch: white pants, blue long sleeve shirt with a golden crown (from the Dollar Store) cut up to look like his shoulder pads. Gold buttons sewn down the front and gold ribbon around the wrists. A black pirate hat covered with navy blue felt and embellished with a gold “C”. Black boots finished off this costume.

Tony the Tiger: Orange leggings with black cut leggings on top. Orange tank top with black stripes made of felt and white stomach made of felt. Red kerchief around the neck, cat ears and a pained blue top on the nose.

Pebbles: Large green t-shirt, cut the sleeves off, make the bottom a jagged cut and either use a permanent marker to draw the black triangles or use black felt. Hair in a high ponytail with little bones barrettes (found online).

Lucky the Leprechaun: Black tights, a green shirt, white jacket, green scarf, green derby style hat.

Buzz Bee: Black tights, black shorts, orange shirt, sneakers, yellow wings, bee antennae.

Trix Rabbit: White tights, white shirt, white shorts, white bunny tail, white shoes, white bunny ears. Accessories (necklace and earrings) were different fruits.

Count Chocula: Brown shorts, brown silk tank top, pink tie (instead of the white on Count Chocula’s outfit). Brown satin/silk cape, vampire fangs, brown shoes.

You and the Cap'n Make it Happin


Buzz Bee, Trix Rabbit, Count Chocula, Tony the Tiger

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