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Coolest Homemade Count Chocula and Frankenberry Couple Costumes

Since Count Chocula and Frankenberry are two of the only Halloween-themed cereal characters in the history of the world, you would think they’d be a very popular choice for Halloween costumes. Not True! I looked all over the internet and couldn’t find one homemade costume, and I also only found one store-made costume which was very over-the-top. So we decided to make our own homemade Count Chocula and Frankenberry couple costumes, mostly out of stuff purchased from goodwill.

For Count Chocula, the brown suit was purchased at Goodwill and the ruffles are made of a t-shirt that I cut and sewed to look like ruffles then pinned to the suit. He wore a white oxford shirt underneath, and tied a ribbon into a bow around his neck. His ears were elf ears bought from a costume shop, and he also had Dracula fangs but I think he took them out before this photo.

To make the cape, I got a big piece of brown fabric and cut it into a cape shape. The collar was a piece of cardboard with the fabric spray mounted onto it, then I attached Velcro to the cape to attempt to make the collar stand upright. It wasn’t the sturdiest solution, but it worked for most of the night.

Frankenberry was just a bunch of random stuff thrown together. Scrub pants cut off into shorts, pink hose, pink and white socks, and pink crocs rounded off the bottom of the costume, while the top was a kids turtle neck sweater with the neck and sleeves cut off, pink suspenders, pink nail polish purposely slopped on, and my homemade accessories. They were made of foam paper, glitter foam paper, and hot glue, all things you can get at a craft store. The neck thingies were glued to a fabric headband I wore around my neck, the head thingies were attached to a plastic headband via pipe cleaners. The big sad eyes were glued to a pair of giant 70s glasses (lenses popped out, of course). Then I painted a line to make my jaw look detached.

It was actually disappointing how few people got our costumes (carrying around the cereal boxes helped) but the people who did get it VERY much appreciated it. Maybe we needed to go to a cooler party.

Homemade Count Chocula and Frankenberry Couple Costumes

Homemade Count Chocula and Frankenberry Couple Costumes

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