Sexy Cereal Box Characters Group Costume

This costume came to me when I started contemplating a creative group costume for me and my 4 other friends. Then I thought of dressing up as the cereal characters and updating them into cute costumes! They were a huge hit, we were in Chico that year and everyone loved them! The best part was throwing out cereal to people.

To make the costumes I started with the backpacks
The backpacks distinguish what character you are, so they were the most crucial. Just buy a large cereal box of your choice and punch four holes in the back-two on top, two on bottom. Then tie ribbon (I used ribbon in coordination to our colors-green for lucky charms, black for Tony, blue for Captain, etc.) through the four holes to make back pack straps. Voila! You have your own cereal backpacks!

Next, I had to make the costumes for each character
For Tony the Tiger, I bought fuzzy tiger print fabric and sowed together a bandeau, very simple. I then gave my friend black American Apparel booty shorts and used the remaining fabric from the bandeau to make a tail! Use any other fabric to make ears if you want, we opted out of the ears. Then just draw on some whiskers and you are GURRREAATTT!!!

For the Lucky Charms Leprechaun, I went to my local thrift shop and got an ugly button-up that had four leaf clovers on it. I cut it into a crop top and tied the bottom. I bought a leprechaun hat and a green scarf from American Apparel and used green metallic booty shorts from their as well.

For Captain Crunch, we were able to find a foam Captain’s hat but if we had not, I was just going to make it out of cardboard and glue it to a head band. We made sure to get a white mustache as well. We just used a simple cute blue shirt and black booty short for her.

For Bumble Bee from Cheerios, we bought bumble bee wings, antennas, and a skirt that came from a generic costume. We then just used a black bandeau for the top!

**My other friend was not pictured, but you can also do the Trix Bunny if you have more friends!! Just dress like a bunny, cotton tail and years, maybe a white bandeau and booty shorts and then make a back pack the same way as I previously mentioned!**

This is the favorite costume I’ve ever made, I recommend it for anyone who’s thinking of doing a creative group costume with their friends :)

Sexy Cereal Box Characters Group Costume

Sexy Cereal Box Characters Group Costume

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