Coolest Homemade Cereal Box Halloween Costumes

My kids LOVE cereal, so why not be that for Halloween. Here they are as each of there favorite cereals. I hand make there costumes every year and they dress as trios every year. I don’t like store bought costumes so for years now I have made my kids costumes. We are very well known for this in our neighborhood and I never reveal early what they will be till they start knocking on neighbor’s doors. I think this year every neighbor took pictures of them and by far these homemade cereal box Halloween costumes are my children’s favorite costume so far of all the years past.

I made each costume out of colored mat-board purchased at Hobby Lobby (3 sheets per costume), I used tracing paper for transparencies with my overhead projector to get the image on the mat-board, I used 3-D SCRIBBLES paint, 2-inch nylon strapping for the straps which I hot glued on the inside of each box, and I used wax paper for the finishing touch. I cut one piece of mat-board in half to make the sides. You also need LOTS of hot glue….

One of my kids had a word scramble, one of my kids had a word search, and one of my kids had a crossword puzzle, which were all ORIGINALS done by me. One side of the box had the nutrition facts and the other side had sayings off of each box I had followed. It took me about 3 weeks to make these boxes, but I think it was well worth it. I have too admit though I was exhausted and by far Froot Loops was the hardest.

My neighbors absolutely loved them and told me it would be hard for me to beat this next year but little do they know we are already thinking about next year. We are down south, so we hope to do something in relation to where we live. Anything for my kids because they are my life and their faces of the finished products are PRICELESS….

Homemade Cereal Box Halloween Costumes

Homemade Cereal Box Halloween Costumes

Homemade Cereal Box Halloween Costumes

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