Coolest Captain Crunch Costume

I thought of this Captain Crunch costume while walking through the grocery store, trying to come up with an original costume idea. I had never seen someone dress as Cap’n Crunch so I thought it would be fun. I got a lot of compliments on the costume, people loved it!

With just a little sewing, I made the jacket out of blue felt (with help from my mom) and used yellow felt to create the “buttons” and the shoulder embellishments. The collar was made using felt and think card stock to give the collar the tall shape.

I cut the hat shape out of cardboard and then covered it in felt then attached the whole thing to a baseball hat which I took the bill off of. The eyebrows are just cotton balls glued to the hat. The mustache is a store bought stick on which I covered in cotton balls since I couldn’t find a white one.

For the pants, I just bought a pair of white sweats and then wore black boots. It turned out to be pretty easy.

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  1. I was captain crunch for my bachelor party.. then i got arrested and spent the night in jail. I think those officers were offended that I out ranked them!!


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