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Coolest Homemade Captain Crunch Halloween Costume

I haven’y the slightest clue on what made me decide to become the captain himself for Halloween, but I did and made my own Homemade Captain Crunch Halloween Costume!

The hat was made out of cardboard, a ton of hot glue and blue material that I got from the fabric store. The eyebrows were made from cotton and the “c” was again made from yellow material.

I found the jacket at the local Goodwill and then I put cut out yellow material. The shoulder circle things were made from circle Styrofoam and covered with yellow material with some yellow strands cut out and again this was hot glued.

The pants I already had and they are just plain white. The boots are actually boots from a pirate costume and the shoes were some old waiting shoes that I previously had.

The cereal was well from Generall Mills. Overall I got so many compliments and well I celebrated Halloween in New Orleans that year.

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